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Advice from 104 year old doctor

  1. Stay fit: Stay active and eat a healthy diet. 
  2. Don’t always believe your doctor: Following advice blindly is unwise.
  3. Science can’t cure everything: Incorporate other arts to stay healthy.
  4. Plan ahead: Keeps you sharp and helps lead a more successful life.
  5. Pain is mysterious:  Playing with your pet or listening to music can help.
  6. Be inspired: In order to stay motivated, you should always seek inspiration.
  7. Enjoy life to the fullest: Dr. Hinohara still works and serves the community.
  8. Take the stairs: This can keep you in shape 
  9. Worry less: Life is unpredictable; stop worrying about things you can’t change. 
  10. Share knowledge: Dr. Hinohara gives many lectures.
  11. Don’t be money crazy : Chasing money all your life won’t get you anywhere.
  12. Find a role model: Dr. Hinohara asks himself  “What would father have done?”
  13. Don’t retire: Work as long as you can.

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