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Emergency Medicine 1-Minute-Consult: Quick Essentials Pocketbook, 5th edition

Adult & Pediatric EM together in one book, plus much more

The 5th edition of this handy pocket reference provides a one-minute-consult on a huge variety of topics – virtually anything you will see in the ED or elsewhere. Each chapter is peer-reviewed by both an emergency physician and a specialist. Covers Trauma, Orthopedics, Wilderness Medicine, Wounds, Medical subspecialties, Surgical subspecialties, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Toxicology and more.  Look it up – it’s there, distilled. Also great for studying for the LLSA and the Boards. 275 pages  (click title above or link at right for more info & page shots)

$12.99 (normally $26.00)


A to Z Pocket Emergency Medicine Pharmacopoeia, Drug Toxicity Reference & Antibiotic Guide, 4th edition 50% OFF

The only drug book designed specifically for the ED

The A to Z Pocket Emergency Pharmacopoeia is three books in one, and then some!  It’s a drug reference complete with common side effects plus an antibiotic and post-exposure prophylaxis guide. Drugs are listed alphabetically and in a tabular format, which makes it quick and easy to use. Each entry includes dosing, safety in pregnancy & lactation, indication, cautions & contraindications, and something super helpful that most compact books leave out: common and/or feared side effects.  The empiric antimicrobial treatment & post-exposure prophylaxis sections cover more than 200 infectious diseases.  Additional sections cover drug interactions, drug toxicities, comparison tables, procedural sedation, intubation, critical care drips and more.

$8.50 (normally $17.00)


Tarascan Emergency Department Quick Reference Guide

Tarascon Emergency Department Quick Reference Guide

The Tarascon Emergency Department Quick Reference Guide is a concise pocketbook filled with essential resources for physicians, PA’s, NP’s and RN’s. It contains sections on the history, the physical exam, diagnostic tests including a EKG and lab manuals, bedside ultrasound, EM procedures and procedural sedation, risk management, med-legal and billing, resuscitation, and more. It is fully indexed and contains diagrams, maps, tables and graphs as well as many EKG tracings. The Tarascon Emergency Department Quick Reference Guide also features a one-page emergency medical dictionary in 17 foreign languages plus. 184 pages

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ED Atlas on CD 50% OFF

Over 250 images: X-ray, CT, Ultrasound, EKG’s, exam findings & more. Don’t miss aortic dissections on bedside ultrasound and much more! This atlas has few “no-brainers”. Most images focus on subtle or rare can’t-miss conditions. Every image has an important lesson.


$6.00 (normally $12.00)


dont try this at home

Don’t Try This at Home 50% OFF  

This book is meant for the layperson and makes a great gift for family or friends:  An ounce of prevention is better than 6 hours stuck in the ER. Read and learn from the mistakes of others. Here are 147 things not to do unless you want to end up as a patient in the ED.

$2.00 (normally $4.00)




Think TwiceThink Twice (pocket version)

$2.00 (normally $4.00)

Takes over where Don’t Try This at Home leaves off. More advice in the economy size that fits in your pocket. A great stocking-stuffer or party favor.  (click title above or link at right for more info & page shots)