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Episode Outlines


Troponin Logic

  1. Before you order a second troponin, do a second history!
  2. Renal failure affects troponin-t, not troponin-i
  3. Pitfalls of false negative tests

Unstable Angina Logic

  1. Maalox relieves pain in 15% of ACS: cause or coincidence?
  2. Nitro: before you give it ask if pain already going away
  3. Timing: start with the assumption that every chest pain patient has episodic pain lasting 5-10 minutes.

TIA/Stroke Logic

  1. CT’s don’t rule out strokes or TIA’s.  They only rule out bleeds
  2. Do you have a better explanation of symptoms that stroke?
  3. Young people get strokes

PE Logic

  1. Classic PE
  2. Small PE misses
  3. Large PE misses

Urine Logic

  1. The UA is a ship for fools
  2. Does the clinical picture fit
  3. Don’t forget to cancel the UA