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Note: Common abbreviations are not always included.  Sometimes the last part of a word is left off



>              greater than or leads to

<              less than

>>           much greater than

<<           much less than

(  )           maybe, consider or variably

$              expensive

°              degree

^             rises, increased or high

‘               minutes or feet or decreases

“               seconds or inches

~              approximately

2PD        2-point discrimination

1°            primary

2°            secondary

3°            tertiary

4°            quaternary

J            I’m joking dude



a:             before (ante)

A:            Anorexia

Aa:          Alveolar-arterial O2 gradient

AA:         African American

AAA:       Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Ab:          Antibody

Abd:        abdominal

Abdo:     abdominal

ABG:      Arterial Blood Gas

ABI:        Ankle Brachial Index

abnl:       abnormal

ABO:      Blood Type

ABX:       Antibiotics

AC:         Activated Charcoal

ACC:      American College of Cardiology

ACI:        After Care Instructions

ACL:       Anterior Cruciate Ligament

ACLS:    Advanced Cardiac Life Support

ACS:       Acute Coronary Syndrome

AdenoV: AdenoVirus

AE:          Air Embolism

Afib:        Atrial Fibrillation

AFL:       Air Fluid Level

Ag:          Antigen

AG:         AminoGlycoside

AGE:      Acute Gastro-Enteritis

AGN:      Acute GlomeruloNephritis

AH:         Auditory Hallucination

AHA:       American Heart Association

AI:           Aortic Insufficiency

AICD:     Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator

AIVR:     Accelerated IdioVentricular Rhythm

AKA:       Also Known As or

Alcoholic Keto-Acidosis

Alb:         Albumin

ALC:       Absolute Lymphocyte Count

alk phos:Alkaline phosphatase

ALL:        Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

Alt:          Alternate Rx

ALZ:       Alzheimer’s disease

Amio:      Amiodarone

AML:       Acute Myelocytic Leukemia

amox:     amoxicillin

ampho:  amphotericin

AMS:      Altered Mental Status

Amy:       Amylase

ANC:      Absolute Neutrophil Count

Angio:    Angiogram

ANS:       Autonomic Nervous System

ant:         anterior

antiHM:  AntiHistaMine

AP:         Abdominal Pain

ANCA:    Anti-neutrophil cytoplasm antibody

Anx:        Anxiety

APAP:    Acetaminophen

APD:       Afferent Pupillary Defect

APLS:     AntiPhosphoLipid Syndrome

Appy:      Appendicitis

AR:         Aortic  Regurgitation

ARB:      Angiotensin Receptor Blocker

ARDS:    Acute Respiratory Distress Synd

ARF:       Acute Rheumatic Fever

ARF:       Acute Renal Failure

AS:         Aortic Stenosis

ASA:       Aspirin   or

American Stroke Association

ASD:       Atrial Septal Defect

Asp:        Aspirate or Aspiration

aSx:        Asymptomatic

asym:     asymmetric

AT3:       AntiThrombin 3 deficiency

ATX:       Atelectasis

Atyp:       Atypical

AUB:       Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

Av:          Average

AVB:       AtrioVentricular Block

AVM:      ArterioVenous Malformation

AW:        AirWay

Ax:          Associated (with)

A-Z:        A to Z Pocket Pharmacopoeia



B:            Bilateral

Basos:    Basophils

BB:         Beta Blocker

BBB:      Bundle Branch Block

b/c:         because

BCx:       Blood Culture

Benzo:   benzodiazepine

BER:       Benign Early Repolarization

BHT:       Blunt Head Trauma

bilat:       bilateral

bili:          bilirubin

BiPAP:   Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure

BM:         Bowel Movement

BME:      BiManual Exam

BP:          Blood Pressure

BPPV:    Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo

Brady:    bradycardia

Bronch:  Bronchoscopy

Bulbocav:Bulbocavernosus reflex

BVM:      Bag Valve Mask

Bx:          Biopsy



?, c:         with

  1. dif: Clostridium difficile

Ca:          Calcium

CaCl:      Calcium Chloride

CA:         Cancer

CABG:   Coronary Artery Bypass Graft

CAD:      Coronary Artery Disease

CaGluc: Calcium Gluconate

CAPD:    C.A. Peritoneal Dialysis

CBC:      Complete Blood Count

CBL:       Cerebellum

CBZ:       Carbamazepine

CCB:      Calcium Chan Blocker

CCU:      Cardiac ICU

CDC:      Center for Disease Control


Chemo:  Chemotherapy

Chol:      Cholesterol

clinda:    Clindamycin

Cl/clor:   Chloride

CLL:       Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

CM:         Cardiac Monitor,  CardioMyopathy

CardioMegaly   or   CardiacMotion

CML:      Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia

CMT:      Cervical Motion Tenderness

CMV:      CytoMegaloVirus

CN:         Cranial Nerve  or   CyaNide

CNS:      Central Nervous System

CO:         Carbon monoxide

Coags:   Coagulation studies

Coarct:   Coarctation of the aorta

COD:      Cause Of Death

Coke:     Cocaine

COMMIT: ClOpidogrel and Metoprolol in

Myocardial Infarction Trial

Comp:    Complications   or   Compensation

constip:  constipation

contam:  Contamination

Con’t:     Continued

Co-op:    Cooperative

coum:     coumadin

Cor:        Cardiac/heart

CP:         Chest Pain or Cerebral Palsy

CPA:       Cerebello-Pontine Angle

CPM:      Central Pontine Myelinolysis

Cr:           Creatinine

CrAg:      Cryptococcal Antigen

CrCl:       Creatinine Clearance

Cric:        cricothyrotomy

Cryo:      Cryoprecipitate or  cryotherapy

CS:         Compartment Syndrome

C/s:         Cesarean Section

CTA:       CT Angiogram

CTD:       Connective Tissue Disease

CV:         CardioVascular

CVC:      Central Venous Catheter

CVD:      Collagen Vascular Disease

CVSaO2 Central Venous O2 Saturation

CVST:    Cavernous Venous Sinus Thromb.

Cx:          Culture or Cause



d:             days

D&C:      Dilation & Curettage

DA:         Dopamine

DaPT:    Diphtheria acellular Pertussis

Tetanus combined vaccine

DBP:       Diastolic Blood Pressure

DC, D/C: Discharge

DDAVP: DD Arginine VasoPressin

DDx:       Differential diagnosis

defib:      defibrillation

degen:   degenerative

dehyd     dehydration

Dex:        Dexamethasone

Derm:     Dermatology

DFA:       Direct Fluorescent Antibody

DHS:      Dept. of Health Services

Di:           Diarrhea

DI:           Diabetes Insipidus

DIC:        Disseminated Intravasc. Coag.

Dif:          Difference or Differential

Dig:         Digoxin

DIP:        Distal InterPhalangeal

Dispo:     disposition

Dlc:         Dislocation

DMSO:   Di-Methyl Sulf-Oxide

d/o:         Disorder

doxy:      doxycycline

DP:         Dorsalis Pedis

DPL:       Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage

dT:          diphtheria + tetanus vaccine

DTR:      Deep Tendon Reflex

Dur:        Duration

DVT:       Deep Venous Thrombosis

d/w:         discussed with

Dx:          Diagnosis

DXM:      DeXtroMethorphan

Dysfxn:   Dysfunction

Dysr:       Dysrhythmia

Dz:          Disease



e/o:         evidence or

E:            Edema

EAST:    Eastern Assn. for Surgery of Trauma

or  Elevated Arm Stress Test

EBV:       Epstein Barr Virus

Ecchy:    Ecchymosis

ECMO:   ExtraCorporeal

Membrane Oxygenation

EDH:      Epidural Hematoma

EES:       Erythromycin EStolate

EF:          Ejection Fraction

EGD:      EsophaGoDuodenoscopy

EGDT:   Early Goal Directed Therapy

EHL:       Extensor Hallucis Longus

EIA:        Enzyme ImmunoAssay

EMS:      Emergency Medical Services

EOMs:    Extra Ocular Movements

Eos:        Eosinophils

EP:         Emergency Physician

Epi:         Epinephrine

epi’s:       epithelial cells

Epo:        Erythropoetin

EPS:       Extra-Pyramidal Symptoms

ERCP:    Endoscopic Retrograde CholangioPancreatogram

ESBL:     Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase

Esof:       Esophagus

esp.        especially

ESRD:    End Stage Renal Disease

ETT:       EndoTracheal Tube

Eval:       Evaluation

EVD:       External Ventricular Drain

EXTRIP: EXtracorporeal TReatment In Poisoning workgroup



F:            Fever

Fab:        Fab fragment/digibind

FB:          Foreign Body

FDA:       Food & Drug Administration

FDWS:   First Dorsal Web Space

FFP:       Fresh Frozen Plasma

FH:         Family History

FHM:      Fetal Heart Monitor

FHR:      Fetal Heart Rate

FN:         False Negative

FNF:       Finger-Nose-Finger test

FOOSH: Fall On Out-Stretched Hand

FP:          False Positive

FSG:       Finger Stick Glucose

FSH:       Follicle Stimulating Hormone

Fx:          Fracture

Fxn:        Function

FVC:      Forced Vital Capacity

F>M:       Female greater than Male



G-Surg:  General Surgery

GABA:    Gamma AminoButyric Acid

GAS:      Group A Strep.

GBS:      Guillain Barre Syndrome or

Group B Strep

GC:         GonoCoccus/gonorrhea

GCSF:   Granulocyte Colony Stim Factor

GHB:      Gamma-Hydroxy Butyrate

GI:           Gastro-Intestinal

GIB:        GI Bleed

glu:         glucose

GNR:      Gram Negative Rod

GnRH:   Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone

GU:         GenitoUrinary

GVHD:   Graft vs. Host Disease

Gyn:       Gynecology



H1&H2:  antihistamine type 1 & 2

H flu:       Hemophilus Influenza

H&P:       History & Physical

HA:         HeadAche

HAART: Highly Active AntiRetroviral


Hb:          Hemoglobin

HBIG:     HepB immune globulin

HBcAb:  Hepatitis B core antibody

HBsAg:  Hepatitis B surface antigen

HBsAb:  Hepatitis B surface antibody

HBO:      HyperBaric Oxygen

hCG:      beta-hCG

HCl:        Hydrogen-Chloride or Hydrochloric

HCP:      HydroCePhalus

Hct:         Hematocrit

HD:         hemidiaphragm or hemodialysis

Hem:      Hemorrhage

Heme:    Hematologic

HepB:     Hepatitis B Virus

HepC:    Hepatitis C Virus

HF&M:   Hand, Foot & Mouth disease

H.flu:       Hemophilus influenza

Hib:         Hemophilus influenza B vaccine

Histo:      Histoplasmosis

HLOC:   Higher Level Of Care (transfer)

HM:         HistaMine

HOB:      Head Of Bed

HONKC: HyperOsm. NonKetotic Coma

hpf:         high powered field

HPV:       Human Papilloma Virus

HRT:      Hormone Replacement Therapy

HSM:      HepatoSplenoMegaly

HSP:       Henoch Shoenlein Purpura

HSV:       Herpes Simplex Virus

HTX:       HemoThoraX

Hx:          History

HypoK:   HypoKalemia

HZO:      Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus



i:              Incidence

IA:           Class 1A antidysrhythmic

IABP:      IntraAortic Balloon Pump

IA-tPA:   Intra-Arterial tPA

IBD:        Inflammatory Bowel Disease

IBS:        Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Ibu:         Ibuprofen

ICB:        IntraCranial Bleed

ICH:        IntraCranial Hemorrhage

ID:           Infectious Disease

Idio:        Idiopathic

IDU:        Injection Drug Use

IEOM:     Inborn Error of Metabolism

iff:            if and only if

IgG:        Immune gamma Globulin

IHSS:     Idiopathic Hypertrophic

Subaortic Stenosis

¯Im:        Immunosuppression

Imp:        Important

inflam:    inflammation or inflammatory

InPt:        Inpatient

Intermed: Intermediate

intus       intussusception

IOP:        Intra Ocular Pressure

IOS:        Index Of Suspicion

IR:           Interventional Radiology

IU:           International Unit

IVCD:     Intraventricular Conducting Delay

IVDA:      IV Drug Abuse

IVF:         IV Fluid

IVIG:       IV Immune Globulin



J:             Joule

JVD:       Jugular Venous Distension

JVP:       Jugular Venous Pressure

Jxn:       Junction



k:             kilogram

kg:           kilogram

K:            Kilo or Potassium

K+:          Potassium

KI:           Potassium Iodide

KS:         Kaposi’s Sarcoma



Lac:        Laceration

LAN:       LymphAdeNopathy

Lat:        Lateral

LBP:       Low Back Pain

LCx:        Left Circumflex Artery (coronary)

LD-50:    Lethal Dose in 50%

LE:          Lambert Eaton  or   Leuk. Esterase

LET:       Lidocaine-Epi-Tetracaine

LFT:       Liver Function Test

Li/LI:       Lithium or Large Intestine

Lido:       Lidocaine

LLDC:     Left Lateral DeCubitus

LLSB:     Left Lower Sternal Border

LMA:       Laryngeal Mask Airway

LMWH:  Low Molecular Weight Heparin

LUQ:      Left Upper Quadrant

LUSB:    Left Upper Sternal Border

LVH:       Left Ventricular  Hypertrophy

lytes:       Electrolytes

Lz:          Lesion



M:           Murmur

mA:         milliAmps

MAC:      Mycobacterium Avium Complex

Mac/pap:MaculoPapular rash

Mag:       Magnesium

MAHA:   MicroAngiopathic Hemolytic Anemia

MAOI:    MonoAmine Oxidase Inhibitor

MAT:      Multifocal Atrial Tachycardia

MAST:    Military Anti-Shock Trousers

MCA:      Middle Cerebral Artery

MCL:      Medial Collateral Ligament

MCV:      Mean Corpuscular Volume

MD-AC:  MultiDose Activated Charcoal

MDR:      Multi-Drug Resistant

Med:       medication

mEq:       milliEquivalents

MET:      Metabolic Equivalent uniT

Metab:    metabolic or metabolism

Meth:      Methamphetamine

MetHb:   Met-hemoglobinemia

Mets:      Metastases

Mg:         magnesium

MG:        Myasthenia Gravis

MGC:     MeninGoCoccus

Mibi:       Sestamibi scan

MMR:     Measles, Mumps, Rubella

MMSE:   Mini Mental Status Exam

Mo:         Month

MOF:      MultiOrgan Failure

MRA:      Magnetic Resonance Angiogram

MS:         Multiple Sclerosis or MediaStinum

MTP:      Metatarsal Phalangeal

MTX:      MethoTreXate

m.u.:       million units

MVA:      Motor Vehicle Accident



N:            Nausea

NAAT:    Nucleic Acid Amplification Test

NAC:      N-Acetyl Cysteine

NaCl:      Sodium Chloride

NAT:       Non-Accidental Trauma

ND:         Non Displaced

NE:         NorEpinephrine

Neb:       Nebulized med

nec-fasc:Necrotizing Fasciitis

neg:        negative

ng:          nanogram

NIF:        Negative Inspiratory Force

nl:            Normal

NMDA:   N-methyl-D-aspartic acid

NMJ:       NeuroMuscular Junction

NMS:      Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome

NNT:       Number Needed to Treat

NNTH:   Number Needed to Harm

NO:         No (= a pitfall)

Norepi:   Norepinephrine

NRB:      Non Re-Breather

nRBC:    Nucleated RBC

NSTWC:  Non-Specific T wave D

NS:         Normal Saline or

Night Sweats

NSTEMI:Non ST Elevation MI

NTP:       Nitroprusside

N/V:        nausea, vomiting

NV:         NeuroVascular

NVI:        NeuroVascular Intact

NWB:     Non-Weight Bearing

NYHA:    New York Heart Association



O2:         Oxygen

OA:         OsteoArthritis

OB:         Obstetrics or pregnant

Obs:       Observation

OCP:      Oral Contraceptive Pill

OE:         Otitis Externa

OGT:      Oro Gastric Tube

OI:           Opportunistic Infection

OM:        Otitis Media

On:         Onset

OOC:      Out Of Control

OP:         Oropharyngeal

OR:         Operating Room/Surgery

ORIF:     Open Reduction Internal Fixation

ORT:      Oral Rehydration Therapy

Osm:      Osmolality

Osteo:    Osteomyelitis

OSVS:    OrthoStatic Vital Signs

OTC:      Over The Counter

OutPt.:    Outpatient



p:             post (after)

p450:      p450 drug interactions

PAC’s:    Premature Atrial Contractions

palps:     palpitations

PCC:      Prothrombin Complex Concentrate

PCI:        Percutaneous Coronary Intervent.

PCKD:    PolyCystic Kidney Dz.

PCN’s:   PeNiCillins

PCR:      Polymerase Chain Reaction

PCWP:   Pulmonary Capillary Wedge Press.

PDA:       Patent Ductus Arteriosus

PEP:       Post Exposure Prophylaxis

PFA:       Platelet Function Assay

PFO:       Patent Foramen Ovale

Pheo:     Pheochromocytoma

Phos:      Phosphorus

PHTN:    Pulmonary HTN

PICC:     Peripheral Inserted Central Cath

PID:        Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

PIH:        Pregnancy Induced HTN

PIP:        Proximal InterPhalangeal joint

or Peak Inspiratory Pressure

PLEX:     PLasma EXchange

Plt:          Platelets

pm:         post midday

PMC:      PneuMoCoccus

PNA:       PNeumoniA

PneumoMS:   PneumoMediaStinum

PNH:      Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hematuria

PNS:       Peripheral Nervous System

PO:         Per Orum (orally)

POC:      Products of Conception

PO4:        Phosphate

POOP:   Pain Out Of Proportion

post:       posterior

postop:   Post Operative

PPD:       tuberculosis skin test

PPI:        Proton Pump Inhibitor

Ppt:         Precipitant

PRBCs:  Packed Red Blood Cells

Pred:      Prednisone

Preg:      Pregnant

PRL:       Prolactin
prn:         pro re nata (as needed)

prob:       probability

prox:       proximal

PSA:       Prostate Specific Antigen

Pseud:   Pseudomonas

psi:          pounds per square inch

Pt.:          Patient

PT:          Prothrombin Time

PTA:       PeriTonsillar Abscess

PTH:       ParaThyroid Hormone

PTX:       PneumoThoraX

PVC:       Paroxysmal Ventric. Contraction

PVD:       Peripheral Vascular Dz

PVR:       Post Void Residual

p/w:         presents with

Px:          Prognosis

Pyelo:     Pyelonephritis



q, Q:       each or Q wave

quant:     quantitative

QD, qd:  Daily

QHS:      Q Hour of Sleep

QID:        4 times a day

Quin:      Quinolone

qwk:        weekly



RA:         Rheumatoid Arthritis or

RA:         Right Atrium

RAD:      Reactive airway Dz or

Right Axis Deviation

RAM:      Rapid Alternating Movements

r/b:          relieved by

RBC’s:   Red Blood Cells

RCA:      Right Coronary Artery

RCT:       Randomized Controlled Trial

RDW:     RBC Distribution Width

Rec:        Recommendation

Repol:    Repolarization

Resp:     respiration or respiratory

resus:     Resuscitation

resus:     Resuscitation

RetroP: RetroPeritoneal

RF:         Risk Factors

Rh:         Rhesus factor for blood typing

Rhabdo: Rhabdomyolysis

RI:           Renal Insufficiency

RICE:     Rest Ice Compression Elevate

Risk:       Risk Factors

RMSF:   Rocky Mount. Spotted Fever

Roids:     steroids

ROPA:   Regional Organ Procurement Assn.

ROSC:   Return of Spontaneous Circulation

RPA:       RetroPharyngeal Abscess

RR:         Respiratory Rate

RSD:      Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

RSI:        Rapid Sequence Induction

RTA:       Renal Tubular Acidosis

RTED:    Return to ED

RTER:    Return to ER

RUG:      Retrograde UrethroGram

RUSB:    Right Upper Sternal Border

Rx:          Treatment

Rxn:        Reaction



?,  s         without

SaO2     O2 Saturation

SAAG:    Serum-Ascites Albumin


SAC:       Short Arm Cast

SAH:       Sub-Arachnoid Hemorrhage

SBE:       Subacute Bacterial


SBI:         Serious Bacterial Illness

SCC:      Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Schizo:   Schizophrenia

SDE:       SubDural Empyema

SDH:      SubDural Hematoma

Seds:      Sedative

Sg:          specific gravity

Schisto:  schistosomiasis

SI:           Sacroiliac, Suicidal Ideation

or Small Intestine

Sides:     Side Effects

SJS:       Steven Johnson Syndrome

SLE:       Systemic Lupus Erythematosis

SLUDGE:Salivation Lacrimation Urination

Defecation GI upset Emesis

SLWC:   Short Leg Walking Cast

Sn:          (physical exam) Sign

SNF:       Skilled Nursing Facility

SQ:         Subcutaneous

SR:         Sustained Release

SSRI:     Serotonin Selective

Reuptake Inhibitor

SSS:       Sick Sinus Syndrome

Staph:    Staphylococcus

ST:          Sore Throat

ST­:      ST elevation

STD:      Sexually Transmitted Disease

STEMI:  ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction

Stim:      Stimulation or stimulus

STS:      Soft Tissue Swelling

subQ:     sub-cutaneous

Succ:      Succinyl Choline

SulfHb:   Sulf-Hemoglobin

sup:        superior or supinate

Sux:        Succinyl Choline

SVT:       SupraVentricular Tachycardia

Sx:          Symptom

sym:       symmetric

Synd:      Syndrome

Sz:          Seizure



T:            Temperature

T ½ :       Half Life

T&C:       Type & Cross

T&S:       Type & Screen

TA:          Temporal Arteritis

TACO:   Transfusion Ax Circ. Overload

tach:       tachycardia

tachy:     tachycardia

Tamp:     Tamponade

TBSA:    Total Body Surface Area

TCA:       TriCyclic Antidepressant

TCN:      TetraCycliNe

TEDQRG:Tarascon ED Quick Ref. Guide

TEE:       Trans-Esophageal Echo

Tele:       Telemetry

TEN:       Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis

Theo:     Theophylline

Thy:        Thyroid

TIA:         Transient Ischemic Attach

Tic:         diverTICulitis

TID:        Three times a Day

TIMI:       Thrombolytics in MI study

TM:         Tympanic Membrane

TMJ:       Temporal-Mandibular Joint

TNF:       Tumor Necrosis Factor

TNK:       Tenecteplase

Tob:        Tobacco

torr:        pressure unit = to mmHg

Toxo:     Toxoplasmosis

tPA:         Tissue Plasminogen Activator

TPTX:     Tension PneumoThoraX

TRA:       Traumatic Ruptured Aorta

Trach:    tracheostomy

Trich:      Trichomonas

Trop:      Troponin

TSH:       Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

TSS:       Toxic Shock Syndrome

TTP:       Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic

Purpura or Tender To Palpation

Tyl:         Tylenol



u:             usually or units

?             usually

UA:         Urine Analysis or Unstable Angina

UC:         Ulcerative Colitis or

Uterine Contraction

UCx:       Urine Culture

UGI:        Upper GI

UGIB:     Upper GI Bleed

ULN:       Upper Limit of Normal

UNa:       Urine Sodium

Unk:        Unknown

UnRx’d:  Untreated

UOP:      Urine OutPut

UpH:       Urine pH

US:         UltraSound

UTZ:       Ultrasound (used at USC)

UU:         Ureaplasma Urealyticum



v.:            versus

V:            Vomiting

Vag:        Vaginal

Vanco:   vancomycin

VB:         Vaginal Bleed

VCUG:   Voiding CystoUrethroGram

VDRL:    VD Research Lab

Vfib:        Ventricular Fibrillation

VH:         Visual Hallucinations

vit:          vitamin

Vol:        Volume

VRE:       Vanco Resistant Enterococcus

  1. versus

VSUS:    Vitals Signs UnStable

VT:          Ventricular Tachycardia

VW:        Von Willebrand’s

vWD:      von Willebrand’s Disease

vWF:      von Willebrand’s Factor

VZIG:     Varicella Zoster Immune Globulin

VZV:       Varicella Zoster Virus



WBAT:   Weight Bear As Tolerated

WBI:       Whole Bowel Irrigation

WC:        Wound Check

w/d:         withdrawal

w/o:        without

wks:       weeks

WPW:    Wolff-Parkinson-White

Wt:         weight



x:             except or trans-

XR:         X-Ray

XRT:       X-Ray Therapy

yr:            year

Zap:        Defibrillate or Cardiovert


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