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I love to teach that when two smart people disagree, the majority of the time they are both right.  If there was one right or best political party, then everyone would join, right?  The fact that we disagree means there is more than one way to try to solve the worlds challenges. Here are some of my favorite medical examples of bothness.


IV fluids & Lasix: great when a patient has sepsis and CHF.  You want to meet your core measures for resuscitation but not end up intubating the patient.  Don’t forget to add BiPAP

Hot & Cold: When patients ask you if you should use heat or ice, don’t spend a long time explaining the logic and lack of data for each one of them.  Just reply with a smile with one magical word – “BOTH!”

Republican & Democrat: If only the country could get this balance in politics.  Red & Blue need to work together in balance for success.  Polarizing and sniping accomplish little.  If everyone could just try for a minute to see the other side.   Don’t we all really want the same things for the most part?  We only disagree on how to get there.  Maybe we are both partially correct.

Personally, I want to save the environment, create jobs, and not pay more tax.  I like solar power and gas as well as my 12-speed.  I love Spanish and want to help immigrant, but don’t want to be responsible for helping them all.  I like charity, just not too much.  If someone asks me if I’m a republican or a democrat, I smile and say “yes I am!”