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Advice from 104 year old doctor

 Dr. Hinohara is 104 and lives an active life in Japan. He has written over 150 books. Here is his advice.
  1. Stay fit: Stay physically active and eat a healthy diet. For breakfast, he has orange juice, coffee and olive oil. For lunch, cookies & milk, and for dinner, rice, vegetables and fish or lean meat.
  2. Don’t always believe your doctor: Following your doctor’s advice blindly won’t make you healthy.
  3. Science can’t cure everything: Incorporate other arts to stay healthy.
  4. Plan ahead: Planning ahead can keep your brain health in check and help you lead a more successful life.
  5. Pain is a mysterious thing:  Playing with your pet or listening to music can help.
  6. Be inspired: In order to stay motivated, you should always seek inspiration.
  7. Enjoy life to the fullest: Dr. Hinohara still works and serves the community.
  8. Carry your own things and take the stairs: This can keep you in shape
  9. Stop worrying so much: Life is an unpredictable chain of events, so stop worrying about thing you can’t change. This will only lead to depression and more problems, so make sure to stay positive.
  10. Share knowledge: Dr. Hinohara gives ~100 lectures a year.
  11. Don’t be money crazy : Chasing money all your life won’t get you anywhere.
  12. Find a role model: Whenever he has some kind of problem, the doctor asks himself  “What would father have done?”
  13. Don’t retire: Work as long as you can in order to lead a happy and successful life.