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Think Twice

“Easily as entertaining as is The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, but a hundred times more relevant.” – Jeff Archibald, fitness trainer,

“A great mix of preventive medicine, humor and wit. Full of advice that should be common sense but is unfortunately not common practice.” – Richard Santarius, parent

“How many other gifts can prevent injuries and save lives? A great gift for any household. Full of sound advice that is easy to follow and well written” – Ayn Carrillo-Gailey, writer

“The ‘Darwin Awards‘ of the Emergency Department.” — Donna Bellard-Brendt, ER Nurse

“An ‘Information Vaccination’ that protects the reader from preventable emergencies. Probably more useful and definitely more enjoyable than a Tetanus shot.”– Alex Thayer, MD

“The author’s knowledge and sense of humor show throughout the book. It should be read by anyone who’d like to improve the health of their family and themselves.” — Susan, ER volunteer


Safety Lessons from the ER



These inexpensive books are full of lessons that could save you hours of your time, thousands of dollars in medical bills, and what is more important, your health.

Everyone should read this

book – twice.

THINK TWICE! More Lessons from the “ER”

Available in three editions:

Think Twice***

Think Twice (paperback)

More lessons, more bad ideas, more learning from the mistakes of others, more ways to stay alive and to stay out of the ER. Serious yet humorous, this is a book people will actually read.  Begins where “Don’t Try This at Home” leaves off:  the information inside could save your life. Full of funny and not so funny pictures, important phone numbers and a chart with normal  lab values and a schedule for adult vaccinations and cancer screening tests.

Available with  personalized labels to give as business gifts. Bulk discounts available by contacting us.


Think Twice***


Think Twice (pocket version)

Takes over where Don’t Try This at Home leaves off. More advice in the economy size that fits in your pocket. A great stocking-stuffer or party favor.


Also available with a variety of personalized labels to give as business gifts. Bulk discounts available by contacting us.

Think Twice***

Think Twice (office version)

FOR COFFEE TABLES AT HOME & DOCTOR’S WAITING ROOMS. An 8.5″ x 11″ version of the sequel to “Don’t Try This at Home” to keep guests entertained, patients patient and everybody safe at home rather than injured or ill in the ER.This version is only available through this website.


Don’t Try This at Home

An ounce of prevention is better than 6 hours stuck in the ER. Read and learn from the mistakes of others (with a laugh here and there). Here are 147 things not to do unless you want to end up as a patient in the ER.




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