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A to Z Pocket Emergency Pharmacopoeia, 4th ed.



The only Pocket Pharmacopoeia designed specifically for the Emergency Department

Like Tarascon + Sanford rolled into one


Two Books in One (…and then some) –’s  A to Z Pocket Emergency Pharmacopoeia can replace both your Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia and your Sanford Guide because it is a drug reference plus an antibiotic guide.  It’s a drug reference complete with common side effects plus an antibiotic and post-exposure prophylaxis guide.  It’s compact and has everything that an emergency physician, nurse, NP or PA would want to know about medications.  Drugs are listed alphabetically and in a tabular format, which makes it quick and easy to use. Each entry includes dosing, safety in pregnancy & lactation, indication, cautions & contraindications, and something super helpful that most compact books leave out: common and/or feared side effects.  The empiric antimicrobial treatment & post-exposure prophylaxis sections cover more than 200 infectious diseases.  Additional sections cover drug interactions, drug toxicities, drug comparison tables, procedural sedation, RSI drugs, critical care drips and more.


 The 2019, 4th edition is bigger, better and peer reviewed and the price has not gone up! 138 pages


See sample pages below from different sections of the book.

For additional sample pages and 5 typical clinical scenarios that illustrate the usefulness of the A-to-Z Pocket Emergency Pharmacopoeia, and that also may be helpful to orient new users of the book CLICK HERE.


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A Rapid-fire Pocket Pharmacopoeia designed for use in the Emergency Department or Urgent Care, but great for anyone who wants a fast pharmacopoeia that also has side effects, contraindications and an extensive antibiotic guide.

This pocket pharmacopoeia is fast and easy to use because of its tabular alphabetical organization. It is also perfect for the ED because it contains side-effects and contraindications for each drug.  The side effects column is particularly useful.  You look like a star when you have a seemingly complex case that may have even eluded the patient’s PCP and you rapidly figure out that the symptoms are all listed in the side effects column of a drug the patient recently started or upped the dose on.  There is also an entire section on empiric antibiotics for over 200 diseases so you can leave your Sanford Guide at home. Nurses will appreciate the compatability charts and the emergency drip charts.


“A quick and easy-to-use drug guide which is perfect for your pocket.” — Travis Travely, RN, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

“Well organized and easy to use. I highly recommended it for a pocket sized reference.” — Roshi Aazami, E.D. PharmD

Great bonus sections that other pocket pharmacopoeias don’t have: patient safety, drug toxicity, empiric antibiotic choices, prophylactic antimicrobials, vaccines, procedural sedation, and critical care drugs. 5.5″ x 4″. Bulk discounts available by contacting us.



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