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QUICK ESSENTIALS Emergency Medicine 4.0


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QUICK ESSENTIALS: EMERGENCY MEDICINE – The pocket “One-Minute Consult”. Look it up – it’s there, distilled.  The 4th edition of this handy pocket reference provides a one-minute-consult on a huge variety of topics – virtually anything you will see in the ED or elsewhere. You will find that the contents and organization of this book surpasses other similar titles. An excellent way to reduce errors and risk through double-checking. Concise, yet full of important clinical findings, key diagnostic tests and treatment options as well as disposition decision-making and management pitfalls. It is extensively peer-reviewed and fully indexed. Covers Trauma, Ortho, Medicine, Surgery, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Toxicology and much more. Also great for studying for the LLSA and the Boards.  Size: 5.5″ x 4″ x 220 pages.

“A comprehensive essential study guide full of clinical pearls in a format that can be easily accessed at the time of most need – while taking care of the patient. The best book in my lab coat.” –David H Skinner, DO, Bellflower.

“Those residents that have purchased your essentials book love it – I do also! I’m sure this will be a success!” — Kim Newton, Attending Physician, USC + LAC Medical Center

“A great resource. I have both Pepid and 5-minute ER consult on my hand-held, but I like Quick Essentials better as a quick reference. I use it daily” — Kristie Robson, MD , Naval Medical Center, San Diego



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